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IRS Payment Plan – Your Guide To Set Up An IRS Tax Payment Plan
If you owe the IRS money & cannot pay it in single lump sum, an IRS payment plan may be your only hope to avoid very serious consequences.Here’s What To Do Next… more

IRS Penalty Abatement: IRS Tax Penalty Abatement Procedures
IRS penalty abatement may be an option for an individual taxpayer. This process can be challenging for most individual taxpayers. Here is what you need to know… more

IRS Wage Levy Release – Tips On How To Get A IRS Wage Levy Release
In the event that you have not resolved your outstanding IRS debts, a wage levy may be assessed. IRS wage levy involves the IRS garnishing your wages to pay back your outstanding tax debts. Once the levy has been assessed, you need to… more

IRS Collection Abatement: The Truth About IRS Collection Abatements
Abatement refers to the process by which the taxpayer receives a reprieve from paying their current tax debts,or a reduction in the total amount of tax debt owed… learn more

IRS Offer in Compromise: How To Get An IRS Offer in Compromise
IRS Offer in Compromise is an agreement between the IRS & a taxpayer settling the current outstanding tax debts.The steps to get a IRS Offer in Compromise are… learn more

When You Owe the IRS Money – What Happens If I Owe The IRS Money
If you owe the IRS money, don’t ignore the IRS notices. Doing so could result in IRS wage garnishment levy, IRS bank levy or seizure of financial assets or property asset seizure. If you owe the IRS money, Here is what to do next… more

Deducting Business Use of Your Home: Your Guide To Home Based Business Tax Deductions
To deduct expenses related to the part of your home used for business, you must meet specific requirements. Even then, your deduction may be limited. For help reporting business use off your home on your tax return, it is wise to hire an experienced professional… more

IRS Bank Levy Release – Relieve Your IRS Bank Levy Release Stress
Relieve Your IRS Bank Levy Release Stress. If the IRS has placed a levy on your bank account you need to act FAST! Here’s what to do first… more

Tax Saving Tips for Construction Industry Businesses in Houston TX
Many General Contractors and subcontractors work with CPA’s who are not really familiar with the industry and it can cause them to overpay their income taxes. For years we have worked with all types of construction contractors to… more

Six Ways for Physicians to Avoid Overpaying Tax on Equipment Purchases
Nowadays medical equipment, especially modern laboratory equipment, has become expensive and physicians are struggling to keep pace with the change in technology. The obsolescence in medical equipment means poorer facilities for patients. We see this regularly as an issue with our Physician clients in our CPA firm in Houston, Texas. Recognizing this issue the US government has taken several steps in alleviating the problems. Here is a summary of what you need to know

Form 1099 Rules for Construction Contractors
One problem area for many construction contractors is the proper completion of Form 1099. As a Houston CPA whose father was a custom homebuilder, I am very familiar with this issue. Construction contractors have to prepare Form 1099-MISC for… more

IRS Rules to Write off Business Vehicles
Business vehicles which can be classified under cars, SUV’s, trucks and vans, can be used as effective tax instruments. There are two avenues for claiming tax relief in case you own a business vehicle: expensing under section 179 and depreciation. This tax benefit can be significant if you… more

Divorce Accounting – Why Your CPA May be More Important than Your Divorce Attorney
Divorce is never easy. A Divorce means separation of finances and the settlement reached during the divorce proceedings can have a huge impact on your future. A CPA has the necessary experience to dig out the details of hassets and income so that… more

IRS Tax Negotiation Firm Rip-offs
Many times, people are misled and hire the wrong people to get relief from the IRS.You should only choose a tax professional with IRS representation Experience… more

Avoiding IRS Tax Scams
IRS tax-related scams are a major source of worry for the IRS. Don’t get influenced by these unscrupulous operators and avoid choosing the following scams… more

IRS Innocent Spouse Tax Debt Relief – Don’t Pay Your Ex’s Tax Bill
The IRS’s Innocent Spouse tax debt relief program is the best opportunity to reduce or remove any tax debt that is the result of income tax returns filed jointly and the tax debt result is the responsibility of your exspous. Step 1 is… more

IRS Tax Debt Relief – The Truth You Won’t See On TV Commercials
If you currently owe taxes to the IRS, you may be eligible for one or more of the debt relief options currently offered. One of our trained tax professionals can partner with you to… more

8 Things To Know When Your Receive An IRS Notice
Did you receive an IRS notice this year? The IRS sends millions of IRS notices each year. Here is what to do in case an IRS Notice shows up in your mailbox… more

Tips To Keep Your Tax Records & Tax Receipts Organized
Keeping your tax records organized is a daunting task. Here are tips on organizing your tax records. Call 713-661-1040 to discuss our tax organizer plan… more

Independent Contractor Taxes: 6 Tips For Business Owner on Independent Contractor Taxes
Independent Contractor Taxes can be tricky for business owners. What do I withhold? Here are 6 easy tips to help you calculate Independent Contractor Taxes… more

Taxpayer Identity Theft – Tips for Taxpayers To Protect Against Identity Theft
Taxpayer identity theft is a growing problem. Tax returns filed after identity theft cases can be difficult to sort out.Here are Trippon CPAs 7 tips to help you… more

Charitable Donations: The Dos and DO NOTs of Making Charitable Donations
Did you make any Charitable Donations this year? Read our 10 tips for Charitable Donations & deducting your charitable donations on your federal income taxes… more

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